July 19, 2024

## Summer Nail Art: Sparkly Sunshine & Cool Vibes are IN!

## Summer Nail Art: Sparkly Sunshine & Cool Vibes are IN!

Summer Nail Art: Sparkly Sunshine & Cool Vibes are IN!

As the sun shines bright and the temperatures soar, it’s time to trade in your heavy winter coats for your flip flops and get ready to illuminate your nails with the most Instagrammable summer nail art trends that are guaranteed to make you sparkle!

Summer Vibes Are In

Summer is the perfect time to let your personality shine through your nail art. Gone are the days of bold, bright colors and intricate designs that were a staple of previous summers. This season, it’s all about keeping it cool, calm, and collected with a focus on minimalist, yet statement-making designs.

Nature-Inspired Nail Art

Nature is always a great source of inspiration for nail art, and summer is no exception. This season, expect to see a lot of ocean-inspired designs, from waves and shells to mermaids and aquatic creatures. Think soft blues and greens, with touches of coral and sandy neutrals to capture the feeling of a summer day by the beach.

Nude and Neutrals

Say goodbye to bold, bright colors and hello to nude and neutral shades that exude a sense of effortless chic. Soft pinks, peaches, and corals will be big this summer, and paired with subtle nail art designs, they’re guaranteed to make you look like a radiant goddess.

Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Art

Who says nail art has to be visible during the day only? This summer, glow-in-the-dark designs will be making a big impact. Imagine a night out under the stars with neon-colored nails that glow like tiny stars themselves. It’s a fun and unique way to add some personality to your overall look.

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

Glitter has been a staple in the world of nail art for years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This summer, expect to see a lot of glitter accents on nails, especially on statement fingers like the ring finger or thumb. And why not? Glitter is the perfect way to add some extra sparkle and fun to your look.

Summer Nail Art Trends for Every Style

Whether you’re a classic, elegant sort of gal or a trendy, edgy one, there’s a summer nail art trend out there for you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • For a classic look, try a simple nude color with a subtle nail art design, like a flower pattern or a delicate lace design.
  • For a trendy look, try a bold, neon color with a statement nail art design, like glitter accents or 3D nail art.
  • For an edgy look, try a dark, bold color with a dramatic nail art design, like skulls or crosses.

DIY Summer Nail Art Ideas

You don’t have to be a professional nail artist to create stunning summer nail art designs. With a few simple tools and some creativity, you can create looks that are straight off the runway. Here are a few DIY summer nail art ideas to get you started:

  • Use nail stickers or nail wraps to add a pop of color to your nails.
  • Try a simple nail art design, like a stripe or a dot, using nail polish.
  • Use a nail art brush to create more intricate designs, like flowers or animals.

Summer Nail Polish Colors

Summer is all about bright, bold colors, and nail polish is no exception. Here are a few summer nail polish colors that are sure to make a statement:

  • Tropical pink: A bright, pink shade that’s perfect for summer.
  • Ocean blue: A calming blue shade that’s reminiscent of a summer day by the beach.
  • Sunshine yellow: A bright, cheerful shade that’s perfect for a summer day.


Summer nail art is all about keeping it cool, calm, and collected with a focus on minimalist, yet statement-making designs. From nature-inspired designs to nude and neutral shades, glow-in-the-dark accents, and glitter, there are countless ways to add some personality to your look. So why not try something new and create a summer nail art look that’s all your own?

As the sun shines bright on warm summer days, it’s time to trade in our neutral nail shades for something more vibrant and fun. Summer nail art is all about embracing the brightness and carefree spirit of the season. With a little creativity and experimentation, you can create your own unique summer nail art looks that reflect your personality and style. From sparkly sunshine to cool, calming vibes, we’ve explored the top trends and tips for a summer of fun and fashionable nails. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ve found inspiration to take your nail game to new heights this summer!


Q: What are some popular summer nail art designs?
A: Summer nail art is all about bright colors and fun designs! Some popular trends include sunshine-inspired doodles, cute cartoon characters, and geometric patterns.

Q: Can I use gel or acrylic polish for summer nail art?
A: Yes! Both gel and acrylic polish are great options for summer nail art, especially if you’re looking for a finish that will last longer than regular polish. However, be sure to choose a formula that’s specifically designed for nail art to ensure the best results.

Q: How do I create a “ombre” effect on my nails?
A: To create an ombre effect, start with a light color on the tip of your nail and gradually build up to a darker color towards the cuticle. Use a nail polish brush to blend the colors together for a seamless transition.

Q: What’s the best way to remove summer nail art designs?
A: If you’re using regular polish, try using a nail polish remover and a cotton ball to gently remove the design. For gel or acrylic polish, consult with a professional nail technician for the best removal methods.

Q: Can I use loose glitter on my nails?
A: Absolutely! Loose glitter can add a fun and extra-glam factor to your summer nail art. Just be sure to use a base coat to prevent staining and a clear top coat to set the glitter in place.