Shahi paneer is very famous and delicious recipe . this recipe is very easy and you can prepare in very small time .If suddenly guest arrive at your home and you cannot decide what to prepare them making shahi panner masala dish will be awesome idea to impress your guests and can be cooking in small time with great ease . So try this tasty recipe at your home and impress others with your hand’s magic in food .

shahi paneer


paneer: 500 grms
capsicum(shimla mirch): 300 grams
onion: 30 grams
tomatoes: 250 grams
curd or yogurt(dahi): 125 grams
cashews(kaaju): 50 grams
ginger and garlic: 15-15 grams
turmeric(haldi): as per taste
red chilli(laal mirch): as per taste
salt : as per taste


preparation : 15 min
cook: 20 min
ready in : 35 min

STEP 1: firstly cut the paneer in your loving shape.
STEP 2: Then switch on the gas flame and place the pan on the flame and the add some oil to it.
STEP 3: Now fry paneer pieces till golden brown. Keep in mind that paneer pieces should not be so thick.
STEP 4: Make a paste of ginger, garlic , onion and cashews . it will prepare like a chutney.
STEP 5: Now chop the onion in very small pieces.
STEP 6: Then cut capsicum(shimla mirch) into small pieces removing its seeds.
STEP 7: Now heat 4-5 spoon oil in kadhai .
STEP 8: Fry that chutney well.
STEP 9: When oil comes out from this then add all spices and curd to it and fry well.
STEP 10: When it fry well then add some water to it and stir well.
STEP 11: After cooking 5 min add fried paneer pieces into it.
STEP 12: Cook it for 10 min on low flame and then put off the kadhai from the flame .
STEP 13: Add garam masala and sprinkle some coriander to it.
Now, your shahi paneer masala is ready .Serve it and enjoy the dish serving with naan or stuffed naan.

paneer recipe


While adding salt be careful that it could not be exceeded . And make sure that the paneer should be fry at low flame and should be golden brown.

shahi paneer recipe

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