Bharwa karela recipe(karela fry recipe)

bharwa karela recipe or stuffed bitter gourd recipe is a special dish in which karela(bittergourd) is stuffed as all of us know that most of people dont like it because it is bitter in taste . But trust me after making this recipe you all will loving this bitter gourd . Which you even dont like to taste ,you will fond if it.So now ready to fall in love of bittergourd.


bittergourd(karele) : 1 kg
red chilli : 2 teaspoon
turmeric : 2 teaspoon
onion : 400 gms
cumin seedes (jeera) : 2 tea spoon
mustard oil : 250 gms
besan : 400 gms
dhaniya powder : 150 gms
ghee : 150 gms
salt : as per taste
saunf : 4 tea spoon


preparation : 15 min
cooking : 30 min
ready : 45 min
step 1 :: firstly , peel off bittergourd and remove it with the knife.
step 2 :: cut them from middle but keep in mind they should not be cut into two pieces.
step 3 :: Then sprinkle salt on the karelas and keep it in sunlight . So that the bittergourds can be remove its bitterness .
step 4 :: After the bitter water comes out from it ,we will stuff them.
step 5 :: For stuffing, heat oil in pan and add jeera , fry chopped onion till brown then add chopped tomatoes and stir it till the oil comes out and then add salt, dhaniya,turmeric, red chilli .
step 6 :: now stuff this masala in bittergourds and tie up these bittergourds with thin thread .
step 7 :: now heat mustard oil in a pan and fry them . these take about 15 to 20 minutes to be ready . And this type of preapared stuffed bittergourd can be use for 4 to 5 days .

bharwa karela


bittergourd(karela),apple gourd(tinde), capsicum(shimla mirch) can be cut and can be prepare as normal vegetables . they have to be fried but sometimes they can be made as normal vegetables . But the only difference is that these stuffed bittergourd are more tasty and can be use for 3-4 days .

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